Welcome to my Landing Page

len778.com - This website is my landing page that contains links to my various webpages. My name is Len, which is short for Leonard. I enjoy photography and making videos for YouTube.

I live in Vancouver BC, Canada. One of the telephone area codes for Vancouver is 778 and that is how I came up with the URL for this webpage - len778. It is short, easy to remember and easy to type into the web browser's address bar.

Len Whistler
Vancouver BC, Canada

My Webpages

YouTube Channel


On my YouTube channel you will find a collection of YouTube short videos of less than 60 seconds in the vertical format, and regular horizontal videos.

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Instagram Page


On my Instagram page you will find a collection of black & white images in the square format. Some photos have color added in specific areas.

I am not very active on Instagram.

Photography Website


Photography is a hobby of mine and I created LeonardWhistler.com for some of my photos.

I haven't added any new photos in the last 5 years and I plan on recoding the website sometime in the future.

The Canadian Stubby Beer Bottle


I created Stubby.ca to showcase my Canadian Stubby Beer bottle collection. I collected the bottles from 1976 to about 1983.

From the 1960's to the early 1980's all major Canadian brewers used the Stubby Beer Bottle to bottle and distribute their beer in. The bottles were generic with no brand embossing to identify any one brewery and could be used multiple times by all the Canadian breweries. The 12 ounce Stubby got its name due to its short and fat profile.

If you have any Stubby bottles and are curious to how much they might be worth it's best to check the completed auctions on Ebay.


Photo by Len

City View

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates